Thursday, January 5, 2023

My 2023 Running Goals

I did not achieve many of my 2022 goals (1/5), so this year I am being more intentional with a new set of 5 goals that I believe are doable and still somewhat lofty. If I complete all 5, I'll be very happy. Four of five would be fine. Less than that and I'll be sad. I think for a mid-50 year old ultra runner, these are good goals combining running endurance, stamina, and speed. They are not super-dream goals, but still challenging and I'd be proud to achieve them all. Here we go:

1. Run 2,000 km (1,243 miles). Not exactly a tough goal, but I need to stay consistent, healthy, and injury-free to average more than 100 miles per month. Very doable. I've never been a high mileage runner, so this is a good goal. Would I prefer 1,500 miles? Yep! 1,700 miles? Sure. 2,000 miles? Not possible without serious chance of injury.

2. Don't miss more than 2 days in a row (non-run streak). I've never been a streak runner, but I am fairly good at missing just one day, or only two, in a row. I like to stay consistent all year. Last year I skipped one entire week (7 days) and that was a mistake. 

3. Finish the Free Ultra Trifecta (WS 30M, RR 28M, LMS ultra). I already knocked off the Dec 21, 2022 Winter Solstice 30 miler at Clinton Lake. Now I just need Riddle Run 28 miler in January and Last Man Standing ("Backyard Ultra") in July. Not easy, but I can finish two ultras in 2023! 

4. Run either a 5k race in 20:30 or 1-mile in 6:09. Based on Runners World calculator, these are equivalent times. For some reason, I feel I can hit the mile goal easier than the 5K goal. Maybe I'll achieve both! In 2022 I did not hit either one of those finish times. 

5. Run the 5-mile loop at Lake of the Woods trails in 40:00. 8-minute pace for 5 trail miles sounds easy, but my best in 2022 was 45:25. If I start early in 2023 with a benchmark calibration run, then I can keep chipping away every month and eventually reach my goal. A 9:30 pace seems doable now, then 9:00, then 8:30, then 8:00. Maybe sub-8s? 

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