Monday, December 18, 2023

Review of "The Runner Box"

Example Runner Box stuff
My wonderful wife got me a year-long subscription to "The Runner Box" last Christmas. I've now experienced 6 boxes (once every 2 months). Based on reviews around the web, it seems to be the best gift box option for runners. But is it any good? Worth the cost? Fun to receive as a gift? 

Via a subscription, every 2 months you get a box full of runner-related items. You an also make a one-time purchase. Usually 10-12 items are stuffed in each box, nicely wrapped. The presentation is quite pretty. I almost feel bad ripping the box open to see what goodies are inside! Many of the items are food related (gels, protein bars, gummies, electrolytes, vitamins, and other snacks). Then there are usually 1-2 gear items like fancy laces, reflective straps, miniature light, deodorant, anti-chafe cream. Of all the stuff, the majority is new to me (and I've been running for 25+ years). Fun to be exposed to new running items and they always include a brief description and use-case for everything. That's the good news. Unfortunately, probably 1/2 the items are not really interesting to me. I don't like the taste or won't use the gear. Still, that leaves 1/2 the items as useful, interesting, and meaningful to me. For stuff I enjoy, they often have coupon codes for buying more. Only used a coupon once for a new protein powder. 


  • $40 for one box, plus $4.95 shipping
  • 6-month subscription is $36/box, plus $2.95 shipping
  • 12-month subscription is $32/box plus $2.95
Is the box worth the price? In terms of actual item costs summed up, yes. In terms of what I personally get out of each box, no. I would rather take the ~$35 and go to a local running store and purchase a variety of running food/gear that caught my attention. Not the best way to be exposed to new stuff, but your local store (and friends) can suggest new items too. 

One note about nutrition items--they are not necessarily gluten-free or vegan. I'm vegetarian and have been very happy with their choices. Can't remember ever getting something clearly meat-oriented like a beef jerky stick. Many items are fully vegan and almost all that I can remember have been vegetarian friendly. I do not focus on gluten, so if that is an issue, look at their FAQ. In general, kudos to Runner Box for being vegetarian friendly! 

My conclusion regarding Runner Box is that it is a fun and exciting gift to receive, but not really worth the price. Of course, gifts are not intended to be "value-conscious" so go ahead and buy a box or subscription for a runner friend. They will appreciate the thought and will likely find something worthwhile and new! I will not buy myself a Runner Box, but it can make a nice gift. Who doesn't like receiving surprise running items? Thanks wifey! 

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