Monday, December 31, 2007

Thanks to Becky (and Advil)

Ran the Clinton trail yesterday with Gregg. My calf still hurt, but felt much better thanks to Becky's advice about wrapping it with an ace bandage. Thanks Becky. I wrapped it tight, took some Advil, and hit the trail for an easy run. The weather was perfect and the trail was in good shape. We crossed paths with Pat, Jodi, and Julie at the half-way point. I'm feeling well enough this morning to possibly do the trail yet again at 8am--this time with Bill and some other buffalo runners. I keep thinking I should rest the calf (especially since we have the Body n' Sole New Year's Eve run at 4pm today), but then I think about the 72-Hour Across the Years' runners still going strong (including our own Tracy & Brian). I can do a short 10 mile trail run if they can do 200 miles in 3 days! The ATY web site has live results, web cam, and a place to send greeting to the runners. Pretty awesome race...maybe I'll add a web cam to the top of one of the Clinton race hills. Problem is...which of the 33 hills would I use?

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