Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Moon Run #95

Looks like people have lost interest in the full moon runs. Two months ago there were 2 people and a dog (plus 2 late arrivers), last month 2 people, and last night 1 person (the Moon Master).

July 16, 2000 seems like a long time ago. That was the first full moon run. Ground zero! It was a great night with 66 degree temps and a plethora of fire flies. I can still see the prairie with fog settling into the low spots and those lightning bugs guiding the way through the dark tree lined sections of trail. Last night was 9 degrees and quiet. Snow blanketed the entire trail and enhanced the rays of the full was the brightest moon run I've experienced. I've only made it to 92 of 95 runs so maybe I missed a brighter one. I doubt it.

The next moon run is supposed to be on Wednesday, February 20 at 6:30pm. Due to lack of interest, this moon run has been canceled. Even though I'll be there, everyone else should stay away. Reverse psychology? Stealth advertising? Maybe. Whatever.


ed said...


Yes, the moon was very bright -- I have skylights in the house & I thought someone left the lights on! Really though, I'm sending this comment to thank you for inspiring me to get involved with the trail scene by starting a blog of my own last Thursday – actually, the 1st one was so much fun I've started 2 more. Your blog is very enjoyable to keep up with & it’s obvious it’s a great way for everyone to get up to the minute race information – I think every RD should have one. My LLTH blog is at If you have any good pointers, let me know – I’m learning something new everyday. See you race day!


Ragfield said...

How sad. I would have come had it not been right after a Second Wind fun run. I would guess the lack of attendance had more to do with the weather than lack of interest. Surely when it's not 9˚ more people will show up...

Jim said...

Don't stop - there will always be moon runs! Even if they sometimes turn into "walk a loop with a Heineken" events.

Eli said...

although i've only done one moon run, i LOVED it! and as the weather gets nicer (and if it wasn't immediately after the tuesday night fun runs) i will be there, as i'm sure a lot of other buffalo will be as well. keep them up!


Tom Rice said...

Knock off the gloom, Moon Master. I've been juggling work and jury duty lately, so I have a time crunch. Last February, when no sane buffalo would attempt the moon run on a very icy trail, I was there by myself. It's good for the soul.

Anderson said...

Definitely the brightest moon last night I've ever encountered. I did my own moon run, or moon "lumber" really. Beautiful crisp evening.
Chris, you are truly a dedicated RD. I am enjoying reading your posts. Helps keep me movivated and looking forward to March.

Chris Ⓥ said...

Hey Tom et al,

Gloom is good for the soul! I'll be at all the moon runs (at least through #100). People can show if they want. I'm not going to make an advertising/marketing attempt anymore. I'm tired of hearing that it conflicts with work, play, other SWRC activities, kids, family, vacation, etc. Jury duty is a new excuse! I like it. Do many juries go until 7 or 8pm? I don't schedule the moon runs...they occur whenever the moon is full. I make an effort not to directly conflict with SWRC stuff (like a banquet, picnic, or fun run). I'm sure when the weather turns nicer people will start showing again. I have a tendency to say "screw them" a bit too quickly. That's my passive-aggressive side emerging. I do think it's time for Moon Master III to be appointed. Hiro did a few then left CU. I've "coordinated" the last 90+ runs and moonathons. Time for a change to invigorate the moon group. After I run for 7 days straight in celebration of the 100th moon run I'm done. I'm glad people like the blog--I'm continuing that for the race (and for me). I wish other RDs did them. I'm glad LLTH is starting one. HUFF used to have one too.

matt said...


I see you got lots of comments on this one so I'll throw mine into the mix. I started reading your blog on Jan 10, the day I went to register for the clinton lake ultra. I had been planning on doing the grand slam but had to spend considerable time in negotiations with my wife as the clinton lake race involved me departing early from our vacation. The display of emotion upon learning of the race's closed registration (anguish from me and elation from my wife and 18-year-old son) was palpable. The repeated phrase, "There is no waiting list" left me with little (actually none) hope of getting in. My anguish has turned to resignation and I'm still planning to do the other 3. It was through your blog that I learned of the Riddle Run and the Lake Mingo run, (yes, I'm a new KRR member)and I'm looking forward to meeting you at these events. I live about 35 miles north of Chicago and I have relatives in the Peoria area. I love how active your area running clubs seem to be. If I lived closer I'd come and run in the moonlight with you guys. I check your blog three or four times per week.

love reading your stuff,


Chris Ⓥ said...

Look forward to meeting you at the Riddle Run this weekend and KRR Fat Ass at Lake Mingo the following weekend. Both are great low-key events. We do have an active local running club (actually two--Kennekuk and Second Wind) plus we have the very active trail running Buffalo group! It's a nice community for running.