Saturday, January 26, 2008

Riddle Run is Done

The 9th Riddle Run is done. What a great day. There were 13 finishers of the full 28 miles (over 100 were "registered" for the run). Two new champions were crowned (Matt & Ellen)...who each set RR course records! Matt ran a 3:39 and Ellen a 4:18. I ran a few easy loops with Gregg, then most of a loop with Wes. Wes and I got separated via potty breaks and I started to pick up the pace. I finished strong with two "sorta fast" last loops (quickest of my day)...and a final time of 5:21. Feel good now and plan on one loop at Clinton Lake tomorrow.

And it all repeats next Saturday at the KRR Fat Ass on the Lake Mingo trail! Which should be followed by another nice cool-down run on Sunday at Clinton Lake. It's hard to beat 28 fat ass miles followed by a loop of Clinton the next day to stretch those legs.

Rumors are surfacing that the overall champions of the Riddle Run are guaranteed a spot at Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run. Hmmmm...I don't remember that rule, but it does sound like a nice incentive for runners that get shut out of the Clinton race. Run hard at Riddle Run and you'll have a spot at Clinton Lake. I think they need to win Riddle Run and finish the Kennekuk Fat Ass to be considered. That shows dedication. I'll sleep on it.

Congratulations to all Riddle Run participants that finished all 7 loops (28 miles). And a "pat on the back" to all the others that did at least one loop. Hopefully the race director will be back on the trails himself next year.


Ragfield said...

Chris, I posted some photos at

Chris Ⓥ said...

Nice photo of the skeleton runner (and also you after finishing and getting that extra cupcake).