Thursday, March 27, 2008

Are We There Yet?

I'm beat. I'm tired. I'm cranky. I'm ready for the race to start. I'm ready for the finish line. The picture is me climbing Mt Whitney (with buffalo runner "Mr Clean") after last year's Badwater race. I was hurting. Of course, ultrarunners don't give up, so you push on and reach the finish line (or summit of Whitney). Once I get through today's race errands, things will start to settle down on Friday. I hope everyone has a safe trip to the race. I'll see you soon. The weather isn't looking too bad--a little windy, but no rain for the race, and nice cool temperatures. That's a lot better than the thunderstorms, hail, sleet, and wind that hit us on Mt Whitney as we descended from the 14,505 foot peak!

Current weather forecast for the race:
LOW: 27
HIGH: 54
PRECIP: Rain Thursday. Partly sunny Saturday.
WINDS: Breezy with gusts around 26 mph.


Tom Rice said...

Hey, you're a buffalo. You will endure. The race will be successful, a great experience for everyone involved. Yeah, those pre-race chores are a nuisance, but it will all come together.

Ray said...


A great big THANK YOU from us runners. We appreciate your great work as RD and we are looking forward to an enjoyable (as enjoyable as it can be after 30) run.

As you do the pre-race stuff, just know how much we appreciate your work - hopefully that puts a smile on your face.

andrew said...

hey chris,

im pretty excited, even if its muddy. thanks for putting the race on.


Chris Ⓥ said...

Thanks. I appreciate the pats on the back and do realize there's an end in sight. I love running and runners...and this darn trail, so it is definitely worth it. I was calling people last night to ask/beg "Want to be RD next year?" No takers! I have dreams of directing this race until I die. Wouldn't it be cool to say "This is the 50th anniversary of this race...all under one RD!" Maybe not 50 races. One step at a time.

denalifc said...

Chris - I remember watching that storm over Whitney as I was lounging in Lone Pine (coffee in hand) and wondering why might be up there in it. Hours later I found out it was Eric and yourself. Makes the mud of Clinton seem like........