Friday, March 14, 2008

Last Training Run

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 15 at 8am) is the last official training run for the Clinton Lake race. We start from the north fork canoe access parking lot. Looks like the weather will be "less than ideal." The forecast high is 44 (probably start in the mid 30s) and there is a significant chance for light rain and even a few snow flurries. The trails in the area are already saturated with water so any new precipitation will just make things wetter and muddier. At least all (or most) of the snow and ice should be gone from the trail. I think we'll have a good group of runners. A few are coming from out of town and we should have a large group of local buffalo runners. Some may only do one loop (10 miles). Others are in "ultra training mode" and will slog through a full 20 miles regardless of the weather! Best of luck to everyone in their training. After this weekend you should be in taper, relax, and recover. Only 2 weeks to the race.

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