Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wash Up in Lake

Unlike last year, this year we will not have running water at the race start. That means we will be "importing" our drinking water for the race (you haven't lived until you've had real village of Mahomet water). It also means we won't have water for cleaning up after the race. Feel free to wade into the lake (it's right next to the start/finish and parking lot) to clean up. The cool lake water will be good for reducing inflammation and easing sore muscles too. We'll work harder with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to get the water back next year.

Current weather forecast for the race:
LOW: 31
HIGH: 52
PRECIP: Rain Thursday & Friday.* Partly sunny Saturday.
WINDS: Breezy with gusts around 26 mph.
* Trending toward mud!

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