Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gnaw Bone 50K

I always feel a little disappointed after a 100 miler. In the recent past, that's been because I've DNF'd at McNaughton Park! Even with a finish, I often get that sense what? So what better way to avoid that feeling then to sign up for another good challenge? I just signed up for the Dances With Dirt Gnaw Bone 50K on May 10. The sister race is in September in Hell, MI. This one is in Gnaw Bone, IN. If you complete both in the same year you get a special "I've Been Boned and Burned" running vest. That was good enough for me!

Here's a video from the 2007 Gnaw Bone race:

I suppose the 7-Day Buffalo Trace Trail Race should have been enough motivation (more about the 7-day race later). But that's not until June. I can't go a full month without a race. That would be crazy.

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