Thursday, January 1, 2009

Running Resolutions

I already posted my 2009 race plans, now it's time to get those running resolutions out there for all to see. Psychologists say you should make your resolutions public so you'll actually follow through. We'll see if this works. I simply like looking back at my own posts to see what I was thinking. Coach Jeff, you reading?

1. Consult Coach Jeff on race plans and tactics.
Jeff and I both know this won't happen, but I'm going to try and get his advice on some races and training. He approves of Maffetone style training, so my second goal below should be good. Jeff reads almost as many running books as I do, so it's always good to discuss training and racing plans with him. Maybe he'll actually do some running this year!

2. Use Maffetone heart rate training principles.
I started this last year and sort of kept up with it. Eventually I get tired and end up shifting gears and running too fast. I've been re-reading Maffetone, Mittleman, Lydiard, & Van Aaken this past week and I truly believe they are right. Now I just need to hang in there and let their sound principles work. That means keeping my heart rate in the following ranges: MAP=113-133, MEP=133-143, SAP=143-163. I'm committed to doing this for 6 months. If I don't see adequate improvement, then July will see changes.

3. Work on running technique.
In addition to the training philosophy mentioned above, I also want to work on my running form (mechanics). I'll try to follow the Chi Running & POSE techniques. All other athletes seem to spend a lot of time mastering their technique, but runners assume it's all natural. After reading their books, and watching the accompanying DVDs, I think the POSE and Chi ideas are correct. So I am re-dedicating myself to landing on the forefoot, keeping the knees bent, implementing a slight forward lean, and using a short & quick running stride (among other style changes). To complement & reinforce these mechanical changes, I'll do more barefoot running (and Nike Free running).

4. PRs across the board!
I want to set new PRs from 5K to 50K this year. I won't actually run any 10K or half-marathons so it's really just new PRs at 5K, marathon, & 50K. I plan on setting new personal mileage records at 8 hours and the 7-day race too. If I'm not ready for a fast fall 2009 marathon (I plan on Towpath Marathon in October), I may substitute the Heartland 100 miler. I suppose that will be an endurance versus speed subjective call in October. Maybe my coach will assist with that assessment? If my brother Mark decides to commit to his first marathon, I'll join him for the Redwoods Marathon in October--it would be a good run in memory of my sister Sandy who used to live in Arcata, CA.

Already thinking about 2010...if all goes well in 2009, I'll try for a sub-24 hour 100 mile trail race in 2010 (probably Rocky Raccoon, Heartland, or Arkansas Traveller).

Do you have any running resolutions? Hope your 2009 is filled with many new PRs, running friends, and races! And very few injuries.


denalifc said...

Nice list of races and resolutions Chris. Hope they all come through. My number one resolution (not that I like calling it that) is to get fit and do a 50 mile by year end. No idea if it'll happen. Lots depends on job situation which is not great right now. My planned ideas are written and maybe I'll post to my blog!! Cheers and Happy New Year - Ian

Chris Ⓥ said...

Yes, you need to keep your blog up-to-date! I dropped the ChiaDeads blog from my list since it rarely gets updated. I still kept you and Brian's personal blogs linked from my site.

704Studio said...


I read on Julie Berg's blog that the RD for McNaughton moved to Vermont and this will be his last McNaughton.

Do you happen to know if someone else will be taking on the work of RD for McNaughton, or will this be the final year for that race?

If I am unable to finish my McNaughton 50 miler this year, I would hate not having a 2nd chance the following year :)

Running Resolutions :

1) Train smart, remain injury-free.
2) Continue to run everyday.
3) Do not take running ultra's for granted - I am surprised I have the strength to even attempt these distances, so if I show up at the start line I want to enjoy the journey as much as possible.

Happy 2009!

James W.

Chris Ⓥ said...

Yes, Andy is now in Vermont. He won't direct McNaughton Park in 2010, but it looks like the race will continue. No guarantee yet, but I know one person that says he'd take it over and he knows Andy pretty well. If that happens, the race should continue and still be a fine event. I'll miss Andy though...he is a GREAT guy and a wonderful RD.

I like your 3rd running resolution. It's amazing that we can run ultras. Don't take it for granted. Train well and enjoy the races.

704Studio said...

Thanks for the info, Chris. I saw that Andy is RD for a 50 miler in Vermont this summer. I am thinking about attempting it, although from reading the description it will be a very tough course.

I just returned from the Siberian, I think I saw you volunteering in the finish chute as I passed in - I was toasted! A very fun race, course was in good condition, solid footing throughout, and pretty mild weather for this time of year.

Hope you can start running soon.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes with your resolutions, Chris, and with everything in this new year.

I do quite a bit of HR monitor training (well, up until November)and I swear by Maffetone and I agree with you that the methods you mention are all correct (in their own ways). Like anything, I take what I need and leave the rest from these methods.

Hope you see the improvement you are looking for with Maffetone, but as you probably already know, it doesn't work for everyone in the ways they envision. I stuck with it a good year before I saw the changes I really wanted..but you know the saying: YMMV.

Best wishes,


Hope to see you soon,

Connie :)