Saturday, March 28, 2009

Draft Race Results

Here is a link to the draft race results for 2009. I am potentially still editing. If you have corrections, let me know. If our results are off your watch time by 2-7 seconds, it's just error of measurement (maybe yours, maybe ours, likely both). If it is off by an hour, or even 30 seconds, then send me a note ( Thanks. I'll make the results official in a few days. They will be posted on the race web site and this blog. I'll eventually be sending them to Ultra Running magazine, so I do want accurate results.

Google doc draft race results page

Race web site

Thanks for a great day. A big thank you to all my volunteers--they really toughed it out. With all that wind and rain, it was nasty at the end, but we all survived. Took me about about 30 minutes in a hot bath to warm up. No injuries among the runners (beyond the normal twisted ankle, IT band, runner's knee, bruised ego, etc).

We had two course records set:
Logan Martin: 3:56:20
Christine Crawford: 4:29:50

Congratulations to one and all. Lots of DNFs out there today...hope you are back to running soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris for a great day ( not weather wise, maybe you can work on that for next year) Forgot to stop my watch, as usual, so my time seems more than what is listed by a couple minutes, but I can't prove it, so what you have is what I will take.

Thanks again...great job.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention the volunteers were great!! The aid stations were awesome. Good job. Oh and I love my shirt too!!

See you next year

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the race. Also, Kudos to the volunteers. I think it's more difficult to stand at an aid station in lousy weather than it is to run the event. Also thanks for allowing people to have an early start.
Thank You,
Muscatine Running Club

Chris Ⓥ said...

We had finishers crossing the line in a range from 3:56 to 9:43. That's a long spread of runners! The vols were great, as usual. I love 'em. Weather sucked, but that's trail running. I'm thinking about being a "regular old volunteer" next year instead of race director. Or maybe just running the race. We'll see.

Logan Martin said...


I just wanted to say thanks for a well organized race. You and the volunteers did a great job once again. I wanted to say thanks afterwards, but couldn't stop shivering and had to go somewhere to get warm. Can't wait to do it again next year!

Chris Ⓥ said...

It's nice having you as a regular runner...and regular champion!

Sean Reeder said...

Chris & Volunteers,

Thank you for the great race, the stations were well stocked and everyone was very helpful. It was also nice to run into Jeff as he trekked around the course. Again, Great Job!

hondo said...

you guys did great; from hondo vasquez the race was great see you next race.