Friday, March 27, 2009

Less Rain?

We shouldn't have any rain today (Friday) which should keep the trails in great shape for the race start. There are still rain showers forecast for Saturday, but it is a 50-60% chance scattered across the day (and even some light snow late on Saturday night). Things are looking up! I'm actually excited. Very small chance of thunderstorms. It's still going to be breezy--it almost always is in central Illinois during March and April.

So here's the forecast:
Friday night: Low of 36, cloudy, breezy
Saturday: High of 46, windy, and chance of rain

So bundle up runners, it'll be a cold start to the race. Hopefully the rain will hold off until you are already warmed up and ready for the sweat to be washed off your face.

See you at packet pick-up either Friday from Noon-5:30pm at Body n' Sole Sports or at the start on race morning from 6:30-7:45am. Race start is 8am (7am for early starters). Please be ready 5 minutes before the start for my fantastic and awesomely important race announcements. Thanks.

TRAIL UPDATE: The trail is in GREAT shape. We didn't get much rain this week (and none today).


GTI said...

I hope the race comes off brilliantly for you and everyone involved tomorrow, Chris! Been thinking about it all week, reading your weather updates. Gotta say, sounds like it'll all be a lot like years 1 & 2. I'm still sad I couldn't, at least, make it down to volunteer on the course.

Enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the well wishes. I'll see you at other races this year.

Anonymous said...

Two thoughts on the likely conditions relative to the wind. 3 or 4 weeks ago I did 2 loops around the trail on one of those days when it was probably 25 degrees with a negative windchill. The only really bad part at Clinton is running up the road over the lake from the east side to the west side of the trail. Tomorrow, that will basicaly be the race start, and I doubt the distance is any more than 1/4 mile. Once you get onto the trail, the wind is really not an issue. Also, for those of us who had the pleasure of running the Delavan half-marathon a couple weeks ago, that was the kind of running into the wind we will still be talking about in 10 years. You won't even notice the wind at Clinton.

Dexter said...

Now the NWS is saying 3-7 inches of snow (well at least for Deer Creek) by Sunday morning! Crazy weather - at least the worst of it should be after the race. WHOOHOO!!!