Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wind & Rain?

We got some rain last night, but it wasn't as much as I feared. The forecast still has wind and showers for Friday, with wind and a CHANCE for showers on Saturday. Should be OK if it's not heavy rain. Tomorrow's forecast may be fairly accurate.

Race day weather (for now)...
Friday night: Low of 42, windy, showers
Saturday: High of 48, windy, chance showers

The plan is to have Mike Martin (retired DNR guy and super trail maintainer) on the course Thursday and Jeff Riddle (Riddle Run director) out there on Friday. I'll post actual trail conditions here. And I'll have their updates during packet pick-up too.

Lately my posts have been weather, weather, and more weather! If you are looking for older posts about the race, check out the blog archive on the left sidebar toward the bottom. There are lots of good updates, maps, and descriptions of the course.

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