Saturday, May 23, 2009

7-Day Race Costs $62.88

I bought most of my race food and drink cost was $62.88. Not bad for a week-long running event. That included candy bars, chips, pretzels, Cheetos, bananas, mini-donuts, coffee cake, roasted almonds, chocolate milk, smoothies, stick cheese, Gatorade, PB&J, soda, and ice. I'll need more ice and some middle-of-the-day runs for whatever I crave, but in general, I'm done with supplies. Pretty cheap race. If I actually get 300+ miles on about $75, that's a good return on investment!

In less than 10 hours, my life will become very simple and straightforward. Wake, eat, run, walk, sleep, repeat. There will be changes of shoes, socks, shirts, shorts, and a quick shower here and there, but it's basically walking & running for 7 days. And a few pain pills. And a refreshed music list for my iPod. I'll be missing the end of the English Premier League (best soccer in the world), but I'll grab my favorite podcast each day to keep up on the action (World Soccer Daily). Go Chelsea!

With the help of my wife (and plenty salt & pain pills), I hope to reach my goal of 304 miles (gotta get one more than last year). Wish me luck. I'm looking forward to seeing the sunrise Sunday morning on the trail.


GTI said...

Good Luck, Chris! If it were possible, I'd make the drive down to do a day or two with you out there. But since I can't, I'll be sending good karma to get you to 304!

Chris Ⓥ said...

Thanks for the well wishes. I'll need the karma. I head out to the trail in less than an hour! Yikes.

Ragfield said...

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

"seeing the Sun come up on the trails Sunday morning"?
Did I miss read the race rules, is this poetic, or are you going to wake up in your bed Sunday morning before dawn and drive out to the trails?
Where is last years female champion? Why isn't she here to contest this Tracy Thomas woman?

Chris Ⓥ said...

Sunrise is around 5:30am and the "race day" starts at 5am each day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

Do you have a name?

Last year's female champion is recuperating from a mild heart attack last November and now, due to the beta blocker she's been on, has developed hypothyroidism and is undergoing medication tweaks to get regulated. She's barely running but trying to get back to it. She did the race in full heat gear in preparation for crewing/pacing Scott Weber at Badwater last year which proved to be very stupid (if she had to do it all over again, she would have dressed appropriately).

Also, she knows better to try to "contest" Tracy Thomas and had she been able to return this year, the only thing she would be contesting is fatigue.

Also, she's planning on making the 7-day an official race next year with long-term plans to make it a multi-day race in the future, possibly by 2012. Hope to see you out there next year...even if you do as little as 5 miles/day.

Happy trails,

Connie :)

p.s. You don't want to miss that sunrise on the's *sublime*