Friday, July 3, 2009

McDonalds Ruined My Running

No, it's not their fast food that ruined my running. I do enjoy their coffee (it's very good) and I occasionally like their sundaes (fast, cheap, and OK tasting), but that isn't what has me barely running. It's their darn tables. I smashed my knee on the post that holds the table up. That hurt. A lot. I think the tables are designed for people with short legs. Anyway, I have barely been able to run 2 miles since then. It hurts a lot when I run...and still hurts a bit when I walk. My training is going downhill and I have several races coming up...maybe not.

Freedom Celebration 5K on July 4? Nope.
Fisher 5K on July 11? Nope.
Howl at the Moon 8-Hour on August 8? Maybe.

After I called it a day after 3 miles of walking and slow jogging this morning, I started thinking about my injury. It sucks. Fortunately, I'm basically healthy and happy...just suffering from an acute knee injury that SHOULD fade away within a couple more weeks. I'm frustrated...angry...discouraged...but not depressed...yet. I need to keep things in perspective. This might be a good time to start some cross training or weight lifting. I think my knee would hold up to an elliptical machine. So, if you are injured, hang in there and keep your spirits up. Try different exercises that don't irritate the injury. It'll get better.

One more thing. When exiting from a table at McDonalds, watch that post holding it up!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Look at the bright side, Chris.

At least your crotch wasn't scalded by boiling coffee...

'course maybe that would have been better because then you could sue MickeyD's for millions (wait - that was BEFORE they put "Caution: Contents Very Hot" on the cup).



Hope you can make it to Howl.

Hang in there,

Connie :)