Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shout Out to Fellow Bloggers

I've been doing some updates to this blog over the last couple weeks. Mostly moving things around on the left sidebar--deleting a couple widgets, updating races, editing blogs I follow, and reordering where things appear. I want to point out that "my blog list" has gotten bigger. I deleted a few, but added even more. The current additions seem to center around minimalist running stuff: POSE, ChiRunning, and barefoot bloggers. That's what I'm "into" right now. I encourage you to check out their blogs. I don't know most of the bloggers I link to--they just caught my eye and I added them to my list. I like being able to see the title of their most recent post (and when it occurred). So, instead of posting the latest news on a bulletin board (picture in this post), I just link to the latest running-related blogs on my own blog. It's easier and more efficient. Hope you enjoy reading some of the blogs that I find motivating and interesting. If you come across other cool running-related blogs out there, let me know.

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