Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam Update

The Rock Cut Hobo 50K race results are up and I have incorporated them into the Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam (iTUGS) standings. Check out both through the links below:

2009 Rock Cut Hobo 50K results

2009 iTUGS Standings

Eleven runners left and only one more race in the Grand Slam! Hope lots of people will run the Farmdale 32 Miler on October 17. I missed the Hobo run, but plan on being at Farmdale. Only a few questions remain unanswered...will Matt Condrun hold on for the men's Grand Slam title? Jason Elliot is looking fast and strong, but can he make up those points with only one race left? Jake Vernon has a strong hold on 1st place on the women's side of the Grand Slam...can she hold on for the victory or will Donna or Laurie catch her in the last race of the series? We'll know in less than 3 weeks!

NOTE: October 1 is the last day to register for the Farmdale Trail Race. Registration is available here.

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