Friday, March 5, 2010

2010 Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam

This will be the third year of the i-TUGS (Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam). It was designed to motivate runners of all abilities to (literally & figuratively) go that extra mile.  We hope the Slam also helps advertise the four races and maybe increases the recognition of ultra running on Illinois trails.  If you are registered for the Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run, consider yourself lucky--and consider doing the full Grand Slam too!  Clinton Lake is just the beginning of a journey that could bring you new ultra friends and extreme enjoyment...maybe a bit of pain too.  Here are the four trail ultra races that compose the Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam. I've run them all. Let me know if you have any questions.  Grand Slam races (in order by race date):
  1. Clinton Lake 30
  2. McNaughton Park 50/100
  3. Rock Cut Hobo 50K
  4. Farmdale 32
    If you wanted to do the Grand Slam, but didn't register for Clinton in's too late.  Sorry.  If you are one of the "lucky" Clinton Lake ultra runners, do your best to finish Clinton and then register for the other three races before they close. No whining if something goes wrong. No whining if you wait and get locked out. I hope the i-TUGS continues for many years...but you never know.  These informal alliances are hard to maintain.  Get in while there is still the Slam in 2010!


    Heidi E. Carpenter said...

    It's in the books for me!

    Chris Ⓥ said...

    Excellent! I wish you the best in all four races.