Monday, March 8, 2010

Current Clinton Lake Trail Conditions

In case you didn't realize it, I have been posting a quick "trail conditions" update on the top left side of this blog for a few months.  It currently reads "OK, but Muddy."  I ran the trail this weekend...both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was really nice--firm ground, cool temperatures, and sunshine.  Sunday wasn't as nice--clouds, rain, and still cool temperatures (but felt much colder).  Almost all of the snow and ice had melted...but mud had taken over parts of the course.  Where it wasn't muddy, it was "soft"--slippery on hills, but OK on the flats.  Unfortunately, there aren't too many "flats" on the 10-mile trail.  This week we are supposed to get rain 2-3 times before the weekend.  Nothing terrible, but a consistent chance each day.  The course is already saturated with moisture so any additional rain will just translate into more mud.  That's life!  I think it's better than more snow and ice.  Eventually I'll get tired of the muddy trails...for now I'm just happy to get back outside and run long on the trails.

I'll update my blog "Trail Conditions" status every time I run at Clinton Lake (or whenever a trusted colleague runs out there).  I'll be out of town this Saturday running at Land Between the Lakes in KY, but I'll run 10-15 miles on Sunday at Clinton Lake.  Look for my trail conditions update on Sunday afternoon.

I also have a Clinton weather gadget on the top left sidebar (just below trail conditions). It has the current temperature and sky conditions.  If you click the gadget, it'll take you to more detailed weather forecasts for the Clinton, IL region.

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