Friday, April 16, 2010

Moon Walk 2010 Begins!

This Moon Walk event starts today.  It's coordinated by the University of Illinois Extension.  Last year I pledged to never do it again, but then the buffalo runners invited me to be on a team...and how can you tell a bunch of running friends "No"?  My pissed-off and depressed blog post after last year's event can be found here.  This year will be different.  This year I won't get beaten by cheaters.  This year I'll increase my running mileage, use a pedometer while at work, and really kick this tracking of miles thing into high gear!  I have several ultramarathons during the event time period (April 16-June 11), plus I have a hiking trip to the Smoky Mountains where we'll be hiking 20-30 miles each day on rough hilly terrain (those miles count double).  These several weeks of increased mileage should get me prepared for the Canadian Death Race.  Once the first miles are logged, you can continually check progress here.  We are Team Buffalo!  You'll find us at the top of the rankings...I hope.

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