Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Third Time at Gnaw Bone 50K

This Saturday I'll be running the Gnaw Bone 50K for the third time.  It's one of the Dances with Dirt series of races.  The first two times I did Gnaw Bone I was really psyched for the event.  This time...I couldn't care less.  Maybe my attitude will change as the weekend approaches.  I'm doing it with two fellow running buffalo from central Illinois (Pat & Gregg).  I hope that once I pack my bag, get in the car, and head over to Indiana on Friday afternoon, I'll start to get pumped up.  It's a great race.  Very difficult with lots of hills and mud.  This year I'm even staying at a cabin in the state park close to the race start.  No driving 30-40 minutes from the hotel early in the morning.  I should be excited. 

Here are example previous posts about Gnaw Bone...

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Just reading those old posts of mine, I'm starting to get a little excited.  Maybe this will be a fun weekend after all. I better shake this laissez-faire attitude or the trail will eat me alive. I think I'm in pretty good shape so this could turn out to be a good race for me.  Of course, after this run, I have the CRUD 8-Hour run, then the Buffalo Trace 7-Day Stage Race.  No rest for the wicked!  Good thing I'm still sort of on my "devil's training plan."


Anonymous said...

hey Chris,
my travel plans and accomodations just fell apart for Gnaw Bone. Is there room in that cabin for one more? I'm happy to help out with the cost.
Matt Condron

Anonymous said...

me again Chris,
my friend just informed me that his cancellation was just a joke (haha....good one)so I'll look for you at the starting line.
Matt Condron

Chris Ⓥ said...

Glad it worked out. See you Saturday morning. Be ready for some serious mud!

Sharon said...

Luckily, I still have Gnaw Bone fever. *leers*