Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer of Malmo? WTF?

I want happy feet.  I think my "Summer of Malmo" plan may get me happy feet. Unfortunately, people don't seem to understand.  I'll try to clarify.

Friday I posted my new "training plan" for this summer.  Much of it was grabbed from other web sites and I didn't really elaborate on how this philosophy will translate into my training program.  Several people have asked, "What the hell does summer of malmo mean?"  Even my wife said, "What's up with Malmo?"  She visited the Swedish city and doesn't see the connection to running. OK. Here is my translation of "Summer of Malmo" to my personal summer training program.

The general purpose of the program is to increase overall mileage by including double-run days.  While increasing mileage, you shouldn't skip speed.  No need for intense racing and competition, but rather "controlled" speed: tempo runs and relaxed intervals with friends.  Always run within yourself--never redlining.  Racing is OK, just don't try and set PRs during your training.  The program is designed to establish a strong aerobic base, with a touch of speed, so fall training can immediately get serious as you push for a great cross country (or other racing) season.

As a bit of context, my maximum heart rate is 191 and my morning resting heart rate is about 55.  That gives me a heart rate reserve of 191-55=136. So, 70% effort would be 136*0.7+55= about 150. This corresponds to an easy-moderate aerobic run.  Not super slow, but solidly aerobic. It's also a heart rate that Ernst van Aaken suggests you run at or below to truly develop a strong aerobic base.

Here is an example week for me based on this new program:

MON: 5 mile easy trail run (HR<150)
TUES AM: 7 mile easy trail run with friends (HR<125)
TUES PM: Track workout with a variety of distances (200m, 300m, 400m)
WED: 5 mile easy trail run (HR<150)
THURS AM: 6 mile easy road run with friends (HR<125)
THURS PM: 5 mile tempo trail run with friends (HR 160-170)
FRI: off or short easy run
SAT AM: 10 mile fartlek-style trail run
SAT PM: 3 mile easy barefoot run
SUN AM: 10 mile easy trail run (HR<150)
SUN PM: off or short and easy barefoot run

I'll probably end up with one day off each week and 2-4 double-days for a total of 8-10 runs each week.  Two runs will be "harder" speed workouts (Tuesday track and Thursday tempo). The weekend will have either a longish fartlek run (8-10 miles) or a long slow run (15-20 miles). I'd like to have about 6-10 miles each week of pure barefoot running.  Barefooting makes me happy.

Run solo, run with friends, run fast, run slow...keep those feet happy!


jeff said...

1.looks like a good basic schedule for year round running.
2.glad we can keep you real easy on at least a couple days a week.
3.where do you think you'll do the track work, actaully at the junior high, high school, fittek, bike path, trails???

keep it going, Jeff

Chris Ⓥ said...

I'll start with the junior high track. Did it last week there--it's not a very nice track, but it'll work. What track has an uphill and down hill section?