Monday, June 20, 2016


I'm sick. Or I have bad allergies. Or both. Dang! I've really kept a pretty good lid on my training this summer. Nothing too hard, fast, or long. Rest days when needed. But, I got sick at the end of last week. Maybe it's just bad allergies. I'm stuffed up. Sneezy. Slight sore throat. And tired. I skipped some run sessions last week and will take it easy again this week. I was planning on doing the Kennekuk Road Runner 5-Hour "Dogs and Cats" run on Saturday. It would be a perfect super-long run with support of food, water, and friends. Plus, it is a fund-raiser for the local humane societies. Extra bonus? It's on the Howl at the Moon 8-Hour course--perfect training for that August ultra. I have 5 days to feel better.

Even though I feel wiped out, it's still better than a full-blown illness...or an injury. My brother, training for same marathon, strained his calf. He's been out for 2+ weeks. If he slowly comes back to training (we have 41 days to go), he should be able to run/walk the full marathon. No records, but it would be his first marathon finish. Hey, I suppose that counts as a personal record!  I wish him well in his return from injury.

With 6 weeks to go, I basically need 2 good long runs, then a taper. Tiny bit of speed work would be a bonus, but potentially risky. Overall miles, with long runs, is more important. I'll be OK. I think. No turning back now. I have my plane ticket to Seattle and I've registered for the marathon. It's go time!

Interesting correlation with my heart rate variability (HRV) using the Elite HRV cell phone app. Had my lowest morning "readiness reading" ever (3/10) on the weekend. I'm usually around 8-9. The readiness scale is 1-3 = red (bad), 4-6 = yellow (caution), and 7-10 is green (good). It was a 4 this morning. Still suffering (or recovering). No run today.

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