Monday, June 6, 2016

Training Going Well (be careful!)

My marathon training is going well. I've gotten in 4 excellent weeks of regular running at fairly high mileage (for me, high 30s/low 40s). No injuries. No illness. Basic easy pace is becoming faster. In fact, I'm thinking about adding speed work into the mix. I need to be very careful! This is my pattern of success, then failure. I train fine, feel good, then push too hard and get injured or sick. Reminder to self...get to the starting line healthy and injury-free. That is a prerequisite for success. If I do a tempo run (2-3 miles) every once in a while, that's cool. If I start doing intervals and tempo runs every week, that's bad. Priority now is total mileage and long runs. Speed can wait. Some speed will come with improved aerobic endurance. I'm working my way up to 18-21 mile long runs and my total mileage is steady at 37-42 miles/week. All good. Don't do anything stupid. Don't get greedy.

I have 55 days until my attempt to qualify for the Boston marathon. Still no rush. Almost a full 8 weeks to go. Last week was a cut-back week and I still managed 37 miles. That's one of my higher weeks for the entire year. Slow and steady. I don't have a set schedule...and it seems to be working very well for me. I know that most people trying for a Boston time follow a set and rigorous plan. That's not me. I'm listening to my body and going as I see fit. Usually weekday runs of 6-7 miles. One or two days of rest. And a long run on the weekend. When I feel chipper, I push the pace for a bit (maybe one mile). I generally try to maintain consistent mile splits, or even slight negative splits. No fading at the end! So far, my new Joe Henderson adopted philosophy (from his book "Long Slow Distance") is working. Who am I to change? I'm feeling good, getting fitter, and running slightly faster each week. I have faith I'll be ready in 55 days. But I am praying for cool race-day weather.

I have to admit it, I think I'm becoming an LSD addict. This gentle "long slow distance" running is pretty nice. You could even call it the humane way to train. Thanks Joe!

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