Monday, September 11, 2017

Run Every Other Day

My new training "regime" seems to be working. It's only been two weeks, but I'm invigorated! Who's plan am I following? No expert. No plan. Just a simple schedule--I run every other day. No running two days in a row. No skipping two days in a row. Simple and consistent. I get needed rest and I'm ready for the next effort. Some weeks I run 4 days (M-W-F-Sun), others 3 days (Tu-Th-Sat). I really like having one day on the weekend completely free of running. I always placed subtle pressure on myself to maximizing the weekend running. No work means more running, right? Not any more--one solid running effort, one day purely free.

Now my runs are less stressful, but actually more productive. I'm running a little further and faster on the individual runs. I know the next day is a day off and that creates a sense of freedom to push harder. Plus, the previous day was a rest day so I'm ready to roll! My weekend long runs are great. So far, two nice 13 mile runs--at a steady pace on the trails. Great half-marathon training.

No running streaks for me. I run one day in a row, then take a day off. Exquisitely simple. Delightfully productive.


roterelch said...

this - in my opinion - is the best way!
Would wish if there would be a similar community as for streak runners...

Chris Ⓥ said...

Would be cool to have an every-other-day "streak group!