Saturday, June 30, 2018

Let It Be

My last few weeks, maybe more like months, have not gone very well for my running. I ran rather crappy at the Illinois Half-Marathon in April, then sucked it at the Lake Mingo trail race in June. Week after Lake Mingo, I got sick...that really sucked. Then I took a trip to Salt Lake City. Running there was humbling. Altitude and hills are a tough combination for this flatlander. I did enjoy my last run-walk on trails in SLC. Very pretty area and it felt nice to be moving outside. I need to enjoy my running. Much more than I have lately. Instead of pressuring myself to compete against others, or my past self, I need to simply run. Or not. My choice. No need to run if it won't make me happy. I need to have less stress and just "let it be." It is what it is.

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