Tuesday, September 8, 2020

2 (more) New Personal Bests During COVID!

Kickapoo Rail Trail
I've been knocking out some nice time trials over the last 4 months. No races with COVID-19? No problem. This past weekend, I tried to run a fast 1-mile solo effort _and_ a 5km solo race. And I nailed a PB in both distances! Ran them both on a flat, packed dirt trail (Kickapoo Rail Trail). Did a warm-up, then "raced" the 1-mile event, cooled down and grabbed a run gel, then raced the 5km event, then cooled down again. 5:51 for the mile and 19:52 for the 5K. Here are my updated PBs during this pandemic period:

DistanceTimeAge Graded EqualAge Graded %HR AvgHR maxAvg Power
15.514.5775%160174349 W
3.119.5216.5777%163176325 W
6.241.1635.2875%157169317 W W

That half-marathon time is looking ripe for a new faster PB. Only 69% age-graded equivalent? That will not do! Before the end of this month, I'll lower that to about 1:35. Promise.

Over the next 2 months I have several virtual races: half marathons in September, October, and November, plus a 5K in October. Sure seems like I should attempt a marathon before the end of the year. I can't promise anything fast, and I have not been training for long distances (beyond the half-marathon), but I'm capable of ~3:45 finish time. With endurance training, maybe a 3:35? That's my target Boston Qualifying time. Would be bitter sweet to clock a BQ time in a solo, non-official, event. 


Brad Williams said...

Congratulations on the recent PR's! How do you like the Next%'s on that dirt surface? Do you feel like you still get the max benefit from them or feel like you give a little of that back? I have a couple time trials coming up myself and debating what surface I want to do it on.

Chris Ⓥ said...

The Vaporfly Next% still work well on packed dirt, but you lose a little bounce. The combo of dirt plus Vaporfly saves my kegs. They never feel trashed.