Monday, September 6, 2021

August Run Stats: No Speed, No Endurance?

I had high hopes for August. More miles, good races, celebration of summer running. They did not pan out. I ended the month of August with my lowest monthly miles of the year. Plus, I ran my slowest 5K ever (23:30 at Mahomet 5K) and then ran an ultra in one of my worst performances at that race too (33 miles at Howl at the Moon 8-hour). So, I've lost speed and endurance. Yikes. I realize I'm getting older, and full-blown PRs may be in my past, but I still feel I have good age-group performances inside me. I just need to let them out! Here are my running numbers for August, with a comparison to July:

July 2021August 2021
Total Distance130.57 mi97.81 mi
Average Distance5.93 mi5.15 mi
Max Distance28.78 mi32.48 mi
Total Activity Time22:12 h:m18:21 h:m
Avg Time1:00 h:m57:58 m:s
Total Elev Gain4,400 ft3,540 ft
Average Pace10:12 min/mi11:16 min/mi
Average Heart Rate133 bpm132 bpm
Average Run Cadence160 spm158 spm

Pretty much every stat I track was worse in August than July. At least I did get a new long run "best for the year" at 32+ miles. Not much comfort in that achievement. I know the heat and humidity got to me, but July was warm and humid too. No excuses, just reality. Can't wait for the cooler fall weather. October will be my month! I'll try to get back to good running in September. Consistent distance plus speed will get me faster race times. I only have one race in September (Run to Remember 8K). I'm not ready for that one, but will be ready for two races in October: Heartland 5K and Allerton 5.7 miler. Also have a virtual half-marathon in October. Think I can get a reasonable time on the flat KRT course sometime in October. 

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