Saturday, November 6, 2021

October Running Stats: I Won a Race!

Overall, I'm not happy with the average statistics for this month. None of them make me proud. But, I ran consistently, I stayed healthy, and had no injuries. Oh yeah, I also won a 5K race! I am proud of that one singular run. Damn, it felt good to be in the lead, maintain the lead, and win the freaking race! Just a 5K, but that's cool with me. I've been working on speed, rather than endurance, so it's nice to feel that solidify. My finish time was only 20:55 (not my best, but good for a 55-year old). Can't believe that it won the whole race. Age group? Sure. Overall win? Surprising. But, you can only compete against those in front of you. I beat everyone that showed up. Will it happen again? Not likely! But I'll still compete for my age group. Here are my stats for October:

Sept 2021Oct 2021
Total Distance92.56 mi85.78 mi
Average Distance4.87 mi4.08 mi
Max Distance12.48 mi13.10 mi
Total Activity Time14:24 h:m14:07 h:m
Avg Time45:30 m:s40:21 m:s
Total Elev Gain2,910 ft2,490 ft
Average Pace9:20 min/mi9:53 min/mi
Average Heart Rate139 bpm138 bpm
Average Run Cadence160 spm157 spm

Not my best month. Except for the 5K race win! I don't have any planned races for the rest of this year. Plan on keeping some speed, but also working more on endurance. Had one of my worst 13 mile trail runs on the Kickapoo Rail Trail last weekend. It felt horrible to struggle on such a "short" long run. That will change in November and December. 

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