Friday, December 31, 2021

December Running Stats: Much Better!

I ended the year on a high note! Good total mileage and several long runs in December. Plus nice elevation gain for central Illinois. I'm happy with the way this year ended and I'm excited to enter 2022 with positive momentum. I ran more non-Lake of the Woods trails too: Allerton Schroth, Kickapoo Rail Trail, and Clinton Lake. Good for endurance and strength, not so much for average pace. Here are my December vs November running statistics:

Nov 2021Dec 2021
Total Distance100.54 mi151.46 mi
Average Distance4.57 mi6.31 mi
Max Distance9.89 mi19.26 mi
Total Activity Time17:31 h:m28:19 h:m
Avg Time47:47 m:s1:10:50 h:m:s
Total Elev Gain5,085 ft9,872 ft
Average Pace10:27 min/mi11:13 /mi
Average Heart Rate139 bpm132 bpm
Average Run Cadence158 spm159 spm

Every single statistic is better compared to November, except average pace. Well, if I'm running longer on trails, it's going to be slower! I'll take that swap. Speed can come later. For now, I need to continue long endurance building. The "19.26 mile" run that was my longest happened during the winter solstice at Clinton Lake north fork trail. Think it was closer to 20 least it felt like it! I'm finishing the year injury-free and fairly healthy. Seem to have caught a cold these last 3 days. Hopefully just a cold and not COVID. I've been vaccinated and boosted, so maybe a mild COVID case? Whatever. Should be fine in less than a week. Colder weather is coming (we were lucky for most of December). Maybe I'll take a couple of extra rest days.

Soon I'll post my year-end summary, look back at 2021 running goals completed (or not), and plan for 2022 races. I think 2022 may be my "return to ultras" year! 

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