Thursday, April 7, 2022

March Run Stats: Trending Better!

February was cold and I ran very little. Well, at least less than December and January. March was cold, cool, warm, hot, rainy, snowy, windy. Lots of variety in weather and that's what my running reflected. But I did run significantly more miles. I tried to add in frequent strides at the end of my runs. And a few faster tempo runs. That was my attempt to prepare for April races. Wait for my April running report to see if it worked! I'll post my Allerton half-marathon thoughts soon (that race was April 2). Also have Illinois half-marathon on April 30. 

Here are my February vs March running statistics:

February 2022March 2022
Total Distance78.46 mi115.41 mi
Average Distance3.27 mi5.02 mi
Max Distance10.20 mi25.77 mi
Total Activity Time14:00 h:m21:00 h:m
Avg Time35:01 m:s54:49 m:s
Total Elev Gain3,809 ft6,249 ft
Average Pace10:43 /mi10:55 /mi
Average Heart Rate125 bpm130 bpm
Average Run Cadence160 spm159 spm

I highlighted the improvements in green. Not too bad. Basically, had about the same number of runs, but ran further. Helped to have one marathon in those stats (Land Between the Lakes). I plan on keeping this positive trend going forward into April. More running and faster running! 

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