Sunday, October 28, 2007

Alone on the trail 2

Another solo run on the Clinton Lake trail. This time after volunteering from 6:30-9:30am at the Allerton trail race. Drove directly from Allerton Park to Clinton Lake State Recreation Area. I started at the north fork boat access lot (race parking area) and ran "backwards" (clockwise) taking about 75 pictures along the way. Still finished in 2:01. The trail was in better shape than yesterday. Lots of colorful leaves (see photo), but no slippery spots. Beautiful sunshine and no wind made it a great day to be on the trail. Didn't run into anyone until I was done--then fellow buffs Nancy and Jason popped out of the trail as I was getting back in my car. Hope they had a good run. If March 29, 2008 is like's going to be a wonderful race day! I feel a bit bad for the runners this year--they faced massive amounts of water and mud and very strong winds all day. Some of the worst conditions I've ever seen on the trail. Sign up again and I guarantee better weather.'ll have better weather and faster times.


denalifc said...

Chris, nice blog - great idea!! I'll be sure to follow you posts while training for the race. Hope you can post those photos you mentioned. Happy Trails, Ian

Chris Ⓥ said...

I transferred the photos to my computer, but haven't uploaded to Picasa or Flickr yet. I will soon...and I'll place a link from the blog. I plan to take photos at least once/month so we can see the trail in transition across the seasons.