Saturday, October 27, 2007

Alone on the trail

I did the Clinton trail late this morning. Just me and the trail. No buffalo friends--they were all tailgating or cleaning the Allerton course for tomorrow's race. The Allerton Trail Run is a 5.5 mile race at Allerton Park in Monticello, IL. It's Second Wind's biggest race with a normal turnout of over 500 runners. Pretty easy course, and it's only 5.5 miles, so I encourage anyone looking to do their first trail race to consider Allerton. Now back to real trail running...

I ran the Clinton trail medium-hard and finished in 1:29. It felt good. That was one of my faster times on the trail--must have been motivated by my new Joss Stone music (her new CD is quite good). The trail was a bit slippery due to rain on and off all day yesterday and last night. The small wooden bridges were REALLY slick! There were wet leaves on most of the trail and the hills were not muddy, but definitely slippery. My old Teva X-1 trail shoes (I'm boycotting Inov-8 until they tell me whether they are sponsoring my race!) handled the terrain well and my new bright orange long sleeve Rock Cut Hobo shirt seemed to keep the hunters at bay. With cool temps, a slight breeze, and overcast skies, it was almost perfect running weather. Hope to go back tomorrow and do an easy run/walk while taking pictures. Maybe I'll convince some buffalo runners to join me. If not, it'll just be me and the trail again. And my Teva X-1 shoes. Come on Inov-8, my Flyrocs and Mudrocs are waiting in the back of my closest.

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