Friday, October 26, 2007

Two special volunteers

Mike from IDNR goes beyond his duties to maintain the trail at Clinton Lake. Without him and IDNR there wouldn't be a north fork trail. In a similar vein, without Jeff and Gregg, there wouldn't be a Clinton Lake ultra. In addition to running the trails with me almost all the time, Jeff and Gregg are key supporters and volunteers at the race itself. When I get up at 3am to head out on race day, Jeff and Gregg are right there with me--hauling food, drinks, coolers, ice, finish line equipment, course signs, aid station tables and chairs, racer packets, first aid kits, etc. Our three cars are packed! All day during the race they both lead volunteer activities and troubleshoot problems. After the race, they help me pack up supplies and clean up the finish line area. Their involvement goes well beyond just race day activities--they help me year-round with planning, support, advice, trail measurements, and marking.

I have lots of club support and volunteers for the race, but Jeff and Gregg are two special volunteers. Thanks guys.

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