Sunday, November 4, 2007

Forest Glen

Ran my second favorite trail in the area--the primitive backpack trail at Forest Glen Nature Preserve. It was a brisk and windy day, but dry, and full of colorful leaves. Ran with 9 fellow buffalo. Ended up with a bloody knee and salt crystals on my face--that's good trail running! Afterwards it was off to Two Brothers Restaurant for the traditional post run breakfast. All ten buffs squeezed around one big table...and we tried to entice Marla to chug the 3/4 full syrup tin--apparently her dignity is worth more than $5. I took about 75 pictures of the 11 mile Forest Glen trail. My bloody knee and the other photos are on my Picasa photo site. Pictures from my run at Clinton Lake last week are also there. The two trails look awfully similar. Since Clinton Lake already has an ultra, I think the folks at KRR should start one at Forest Glen. Maybe a 9 loop race (99 miles)? It would be the only 99 mile trail race in Illinois...or the US!


denalifc said...

You really need a permission slip to be on part of those trails?

Chris Ⓥ said...

Officially I think you are supposed to check-in at the ranger/visitor station. We never do. If you are camping then you need a pass. They make it seem like it's an insanely difficult trail. It's just your basic 11 mile single-track trail.