Sunday, November 11, 2007

Treadmills are OK

So a week ago I post that "treadmills suck." Well, it's been a week on the road in Baltimore and the hotel treadmill...and I think they are OK. The streets of my hometown (maybe not hometown, but I was born there) are not conducive to running. It's a gritty city. Cold, windy, misty and full of street construction and homeless. Sirens screaming around every corner. Ambulance. Fire truck. Police car. So I stuck to the treadmill and did short speed workouts almost every morning. Nice and peaceful at the hotel gym around 5:30am. I may be an ultra runner, but I'm starting to enjoy these fast paced (and short) running sessions. I think I'm getting faster too. First test is the upcoming road 5K in Mahomet on November 17. It's good to be back in Illinois and my local trails. If I had a chance to really investigate Baltimore, maybe attend a Ravens game, I would have enjoyed my stay more. The inner harbor is nice. Trails abound on the outskirts of town. Next time I'll rent a car and hit some trails. And maybe catch an Orioles game...or Ravens. Two of the best teams around. Hey, you gotta root for your home teams!

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