Friday, November 23, 2007

Post Thanksgiving at Clinton

What better way to work off some post Thanksgiving calories than running the 10 mile Clinton Lake trail? Only the "Mahomet boys" made it to the trail at 8am (Jeff, Gregg, and me). The other buffalo must have been sleeping, eating, or shopping. Perfect weather and great trail conditions made it a fantastic run. Gregg and I took it easy and finished in just under 1:45. Jeff walked with his hiking sticks and did a shorter out & back. Even a slow pace gives you a good hilly workout--Clinton trail has a lot of small hills! (The elevation profile is a bit deceiving. There are a ton of hills, but they are almost all very short and not too steep.) We will be back on Sunday morning at 10am to run with the Chicago Area Dead Runners...and hopefully a bunch of buffalo. Start and end at the official race start (boat access area--see the photo above). Directions available on the race web site.

I guess with all this running I can have some extra left over Tofurky...and apple pie, and mashed potatoes, and stuffing, and...I better keep running.


Anonymous said...


I'm looking forward to the run on Sunday with you and some Buffalo. I'm sure that Ian as mentioned who is coming, but it is of course, Ian Stevens, myself, Kelly Roe, Paul Clement, and Janeth Ohst.

Also, our running group does have a blog as well. It's We haven't updated it in a bit, but we do have some mention of some local runners down by you on it in the archives.

I was wondering if you wanted to exchange blog links?


Chris Ⓥ said...


I have added a link to the ChiADeads on my blog. Look forward to running with you all.

Coach Rose said...

Nice Job