Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Registered Runners

We have 45 currently registered for the Clinton Lake ultra. I keep getting questions from my friends about who registered..."How many are back from last year?"..."Any famous people?"..."How many women?"..."Lots from out of state?"

Well, here are some answers. See the basic name, city, state, age, gender info on our race page.

  • Female: 15, Male: 30
  • Inside IL: 29, Outside IL: 16 (IN, MO, IA, CO, MI, GA, WY)
  • Clinton Veteran: 19, Newbie: 26
  • Open (under 40): 18, Master (40-49): 20, Grand Master (50+): 7
  • Online: 32, Mail-In: 13

Famous people? I don't know. Does Cuz Don Frichtl count? Our champions from last year haven't signed up...yet. Both have tentatively agreed to come back. Come on Joel and Christine!

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