Sunday, December 16, 2007

My 2008 Races

It's almost the end of the year. Several inches of snow is covering the trails and streets. Good time to stay inside and think about the future. I guess that means I should think about 2008. The end of 2007 has worked out well for me. I have combined some speed work with long trail runs and a couple short races. Might as well continue that training and racing into next year. Here is my tentative 2008 race schedule:

Jan 5 Siberian Express 7.5 Miler
Jan 26 Riddle Run 28 Miler
Feb 2 Lake Mingo 28 Miler
Mar 8 Land Between the Lakes 60K
Mar 22 Mountain Goat 15K
Mar 29 Clinton Lake 30 Miler (can you run your own race?)
Apr 12-13 McNaughton Park 100 Miler
Apr 19 Double Chubb 25K
May 10 Long Island Greenbelt 50K
May 26 Memorial Day 5K
June 14 Lake Mingo 7.2 Miler
Mid June 7-Day Trail Run (with 100th Full Moon Run)
June 28 Clear Pond 5-Hr
July = off!
Aug 9 Howl at the Moon 8-Hr
Sept 21 Rock Cut Hobo 50K
Sept 28 Wild Wild Wilderness 7.5 Miler
Oct 18 Farmdale 33 Miler (and IL Grand Slam Awards!)
Nov ? Run for the Library 5K
Dec ? Da Deer Run 8K

I'm a little tired just looking at the schedule: 11 ultras and 8 short races. Bring on the new year. Of course, as buffalo runners go, this type of schedule puts me somewhere in the middle of the pack! Those buffalo brothers & sisters are a bunch of crazies.

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