Monday, December 17, 2007

Clinton Lake Training Runs

Badwater Brian and Second Wind will be coordinating 6 official training runs for the Clinton Lake race. I should be at all of these runs too. Everyone is welcome, whether you are registered for the race or not. We often have breakfast afterwards. Here is the schedule:
  • 12 January, 8am: 10 miles at Clinton Lake (1 loop)
  • 26 January, 8:06am: 12-16 miles on the Mahomet Trails (3-4 loops)
  • 9 February, 8am: 18 miles (3 loops) at Allerton Park's Schroth trail
  • 23 February, 8am: 20 miles at Clinton Lake (2 loops)
  • 1 March, 8am: 21 miles at Lake Mingo (3 loops)
  • 15 March, 8am: 20 miles at Clinton Lake (2 loops)
  • 29 March, 8am: Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Race (3 loops)
If you live in the area and want to carpool, the group meets at the Champaign Home Depot parking lot at 7:15am to head out to the trails. Directions to the trails can be found on the SWRC web site under "Trail Guide" link. As noted in the trail guide, the Clinton Lake training runs start at the north fork canoe access parking lot rather than the boat access lot. This is different from the actual race which starts & ends at the main boat access lot.

NOTE: The January 26 run at Mahomet Lake of the Woods trails is the local "Riddle Run" Fat Ass (28 miles). People are welcome to do the full 7 loops (28 miles) or as little as you want. No entry fee, no aid, no complaining. Jeff usually gets about 75 runners (maybe 10-20 do the full 28 miles). Free tasty cupcake for completing at least one loop.

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