Sunday, December 23, 2007

Online Registration

I got a call from a runner that registered and never saw his name on the race web site list of registered runners. Sure enough, David wasn't listed even though he did the MarathonGuide online registration almost 2 weeks ago. I found another runner in the same situation (Valdis). They both registered online, but I never got the confirmation e-mail from MarathonGuide (and thus didn't add them to the race web site). Sorry for the confusion. Don't worry, everyone is registered and I'll start checking the actual MarathonGuide site rather than depending on their confirmation e-mails. When you register for the race (mail-in or online) you will receive an e-mail from me (directly from me for paper forms and via MarathonGuide for online registrants). A few days later, you'll be added to the race web site. If you are not on the list of registered runners within about a week, call me and I'll see what's up. Thanks. Keep those registrations coming--we now have over 80!

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