Sunday, December 23, 2007

Half Moon Run

Just finished full moon run #94 with Rob. Actually, it was a half moon run--we only did the outer trail loop (2.6 miles). My left calf has been killing me since Thursday and it's not getting better. It's not the Achilles' tendon. The pain is in the middle of the calf muscle itself. I think it's from speed work on the treadmill Thursday morning. Speed kills! Fortunately, Rob didn't care that we were cutting it short or going slow for the moon run. The weather was cold and very windy (wind chill around -1). A few clouds obscured the full moon, but we got a few good glances during and after the run. I hope to hike Clinton trail tomorrow with the buffalo tribe. I've been doing Clinton Lake trail on Christmas eve for the last few years. My regular Christmas eve running partner (Jeff) is still sidelined with foot & ankle problems, so I'll have to hang with the non-Mahomet buffs.

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