Monday, January 28, 2008

Riddle Run Recovery

My 28 miles at Riddle Run on Saturday felt pretty good. I took it very easy until the last 8 miles and even then I didn't push the pace too hard. I was very happy with a finish time of 5:21. That's more than 2 hours better than last year! I guess not taking a shower and nap helps reduce your finish time. Last year I had severe stomach problems after 24 miles. This year I only drank Propel and didn't eat anything except a few almonds after each loop (saved the cupcakes for the finish). I think the lack of carbs helped me burn more fat and keep going at an easy pace without much effort. After I got home I was HUNGRY. I ate a huge lunch and 2 dinners followed by 3 breakfasts the next morning! My Sunday noon run at Clinton trail with Jack and Shanin went well. Shanin's knee hurt so she turned back early, but Jack and I managed to slowly loosen up and finish the whole 10-mile loop feeling pretty good. My left knee hurt a bit during and after the run--that's an old, nagging running injury so I'm not too worried. At least my calf is back to normal. I'm ready for another 28 mile Fat Ass this Saturday at Lake Mingo followed by an easy Sunday run at Clinton Lake.


matt said...

hey Chris,

I was hoping to find a description of the Lake Mingo trail conditions on your blog. I assume from the kennekuk e-mail I received that there's enough snow to warrant a "we're gonna run anyway...don't be a baby!" type of message. Well...if completing the fun run tomorrow is the only thing remaining for me to earn a late entry into Clinton Lake, I'm there.
I had been doing some "ultra running" reading on the internet and had come across the recommendation to do back to back long runs as part of an ultra training program. Then, on Saturday I overheard you say that you were planning to do at least ten miles on Sunday. I decided to give it a try with a group of friends who typically run 11-13 miles on Sunday AM. Boy, that was tough. They were running progressively faster and were running 6:30's at mile 10. I had to let them go; my legs were really heavy and I simply trotted the last few miles. It still felt like a really good work-out and a confidence booster.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and kinda wishing I owned a pair of snow shoes,


Chris Ⓥ said...

I hear the Lake Mingo trail in Danville area only got about 6 inches of snow. We got about 9-10 inches in Mahomet. Don't come down ONLY to qualify for the Clinton race--I haven't decided on that exemption yet. Come down and have a great time with the KRR folks! I'll likely run a loop or two and call it quits at the Fat Ass.