Friday, February 1, 2008


We got about 9-10 inches of snow in Mahomet area. I think Lake Mingo & Kennekuk Cove Park (Danville area) probably got around 6-7 inches. I'm not up for a tough trail ultra through that kind of snow this weekend. So, should I not start the Fat Ass at all (DNS) or go out to Mingo and get in at least a loop or two and drop out (DNF)? I called Gregg to see if he wanted to carpool over in the morning--maybe he'd provide some motivation and support. Well, he's going over at 5:15am to start at 6am from the trail (instead of the "regular" 8am Fat Ass start time)! That's great motivation...not. I'm still undecided. I'm achy from shoveling snow last night and this morning. I think all the trails in the area will be tough runs, but they should be gorgeous. I SHOULD get out and do SOMETHING. Sounds like I'm leaning toward a start...and DNF. Stay tuned. No matter what I do, I'll blog tomorrow and post a photo (of my almost completely snow covered mailbox or a snowy trail).

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