Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sand Creek Trails

Gene from Decatur ran with me at the first Clinton training run this past weekend. He told me about a local trail he regularly runs. I think a buffalo road trip to Decatur is in order! The trails are at Sand Creek Conservation District on the south side of Decatur. He kindly provided Google map directions from I-72 to the trails. I guess it would be about an hour drive from either Champaign or Mahomet. Gene said he'd show us the trails and even a couple food and beer spots afterwards.


Anderson42 said...

Sun. Jan 20th.
Had a run today at Sand Creek. Hoof prints in the frozen mud make many sections very difficult. Real ankle wobblers. The upper, grassland sections are very nice though. Tightly mown and in good shape. You can do the "Meadow Trail" (1-2miles) which consists of mostly the grassy surface. Most of the fords are frozen and crossable, for now.

Chris Ⓥ said...

I hope to have a group run over there in February. We'll wait until it warms up just a bit!