Monday, February 25, 2008

Course Records

Last year was the first running of the Clinton Lake race so both the female and male winning times were course records. And they were each rewarded with $56.11 in cash ($50 plus breakfast money for the Farmer City cafe)! This year we will again offer a cash prize for new course records. No cash for winning, only for new course records. The standing records are:

Male: 4:23:19 (2007, Joel Lammers)
Female: 4:34:26 (2007, Christine Crawford)

The course conditions were tough last year--lots of mud, water, and wind. If we get nicer weather, we could have two new course records. And with a record field (125 runners) we should have more "elites" trying for fast times. I think it's possible to break 4:00.


denalifc said...

See what "Slow Poke Mr 13" can do then

denalifc said...

Oh edit that, you meant all 3 loops not my first loops!! i leave it to the fast kids.

Chris Ⓥ said...

I'm running too...slowly for all 3 loops. I do think there are some very fast men and women this year. It'll be fun watching them loop me!

Ray said...

I agree with Ian...I am going for the record of under 4 hours - for the first loop. My goal...start the third loop before being looped - and I plan to do the early start.