Friday, February 29, 2008

No Wait List, No Transfer of Bibs

We have less than 30 days to the race! I've received a lot of queries lately about a wait list or the ability to transfer bibs to another runner. The answer is "no" to both questions. I am not adding anyone from the informal wait list and I am not allowing transfers of bibs from a registered runner to a non-registered runner. Also, if you are a "no show" don't ask me to send your shirt or socks or whatever. No refunds and no goodie bag materials mailed. You still get your mini Marathon & Beyond subscription, but that's it.

I am pleased that people are still interested in signing up for the race. I've had at least 25 people ask to be placed on a wait list since the race closed in early January. Please check back in early fall to see when registration will open up for 2009. I anticipate the same race limit (125) or even less. And I hope to advertise the IL "Trail Ultra Grand Slam" better this coming year--that means we could have even greater interest in Clinton Lake next year.

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