Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Running Movies

I've had quite a few people say they like looking at my running books on this blog (via the "My Library" link on the left). Unfortunately, I can't input videos into Library Thing. Lots of people have borrowed various running related VHS tapes and DVDs from me. I'm not a library, but here are some of my running movies (I may allow you to borrow them). I have arranged them on a 1-5 star rating system (5=best).

5 Stars *****
The Runner
Running on the Sun
Fire on the Track
Running Madness
A Race for the Soul

4 Stars ****
Pose Method of Running
ChiRunning (don't own, but have watched many times)
Evolution Running
Leadville Trail 100

3 Stars ***
Marathon of the Sands
Marathon Monks of Hiei
Without Limits
Massanutten 100
Yukon Arctic Ultra

2 Stars **
Running Brave
Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

1 Star *
None yet (all running related movies deserve at least a 2-star rating...for now.)


matt said...

i'm not sure how it slipped my mind, but i'm planning to run the 60K at LBL. Are you still planning to run on 3/08?

Chris Ⓥ said...

No, I'm not doing LBL this year. We have a group of 6-7 people going down from our area. I think I'll run Clinton and McNaughton that weekend as training runs.