Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Last Great Race"

With the assistance of fellow race directors, I started the Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam this year. Now I'm starting the Illinois "Last Great Race" idea. Both are modeled on the "real" Ultra Grand Slam and "real" Last Great Race.

The original Ultra Grand Slam:
-Western States 100
-Vermont 100
-Leadville 100
-Wasatch 100

The original Last Great Race:
The above four 100 milers plus...
-Old Dominion 100 to start series
-Angeles Crest 100 to end series

The Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam:
-Clinton Lake 30
-McNaughton Park 50/100/150
-Rock Cut Hobo 50K
-Farmdale 33

The Illinois Last Great Race:
The above four ultras plus these two to start it all...
-Riddle Run 28
-Lake Mingo Fat Ass 28

Anyone up for the Illinois "Last Great Race" in 2009? It's just 6 trail ultras. I've arranged a fantastic deal for the winner of the Illinois "Last Great Race"--free entry into the Riddle Run...for life! And you can write a guest blog entry reporting on your achievement. This is the time to get in on this new race series--if I think about it too long, I may add the 7-Day Buffalo Trace Trail Run to the mix! More about that 7-day event later.

Note: It's possible that one individual may finish the "Illinois Last Great Race" this year! Matt is the only person to have finished the 2008 Riddle Run and Lake Mingo Fat Ass and he plans on doing the IL Grand Slam. Hmmm...the darn "race series" doesn't even exist and Matt may finish it. Not sure that counts as a finish if the race series doesn't actually exit. I may need to consult a philosopher.

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