Monday, February 4, 2008

Training Run Reminder

Don't forget we have training runs every couple of weeks. I don't organize them, I just advertise them. Brian is the main man. His contact information, and more details about the runs, are on the Second Wind web site. These are simply organized group runs to prepare people for the Clinton Lake ultra (or any other race). They are fee-free...and you get what you pay for! No aid...just company on your long runs. Here are upcoming runs (all start at 8am from the trail):

February 9: 18 miles at the Allerton Park Schroth trail
[February 10: McNaughton Park run at 9am]
February 23: 20 miles at Clinton Lake (canoe access lot)
March 1: 21 miles at Lake Mingo trail
March 15: 20 miles at Clinton Lake (canoe access lot)

The next run is this Saturday on the Schroth trail at Allerton Park. We start at the Schroth trail parking lot just inside the south entrance of the park (right before you get to the closed bridge). The trail is a 6 mile loop and we'll do it 3 times. Then off to eat!

PS: The Sunday McNaughton Park run is an extra buffalo training run on the Pekin, IL course with Andy the race director of McNaughton Park 50/100/150. We may have another run there in March. His race is the second in the IL Grand Slam. Course and race info are on his race web site which is linked from my blog and the Clinton Lake web site.

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